Classroom Seating Chart

Every teacher needs a classroom seating chart to maintain a structured learning environment. Rather than drawing it by hand, or wasting your own time creating a document, do yourself a favor and take advantage of another one of GradeA's helpful free downloads.

The seating charts are completely customizable to fit your needs. All you need to do is download the word file, adjust the "seats" to match the row and column pattern in your classroom, and then insert the students' names. It couldn't be

  simpler! You can even cut and paste pictures of the students if you have them available, which is a great way to learn each student's name in the beginning of
the school year or semester. This document can also serve as an excellent tool for substitute teachers, who are often victim to students switching seats so they can sit next to their talking buddy. With a seating chart complete with pictures, you will be able to keep control of your classroom even when you aren't there.

The seating chart template is designed to be used on a weekly basis. There are two sections for each student. You can use these for tracking a number of administrative tasks, including recording attendance, checking off if a student completed their assignment from the previous night, or even class participation if that is something the students are graded on in your school. There is also an info section available where you can record what the  
assignment was for future reference. Save yourself the time and headaches and get in the habit of using a weekly seating chart--you will never forget to do those daily administrative tasks again!

  Seating Chart Template

Click the image above to download a free customizable classroom seating chart - you'll be happy you did! You may also want to explore the rest of GradeA's free (math) teaching tools.  



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