Cool Math Games

Math is sometimes a little dull. Make it exciting again with GradeA's cool math games.


Whether your a student looking for some cool ways to think about math, or your a teacher that needs to motivate your students. These resources will make math fun again...

The perfect math game for kids:

Math Jeopardy!

Jeopardy!:  GradeA's unique Math Jeopardy game that is downloadable and fully customizable to your classroom. You can also use our free algebra review, which includes common topics such as slope, function, and solving systems of equations

Basketball:  A fun game you can play with your students that only nees paper and a trash can.

Bingo:  Spice things up with a nifty game of bingo math.  We offer downloadable cards and a nice explanation of how to have a smooth and enjoyable class

The Unfair Game:  Want a quiet class where everyone is working hard?  Here's a great game to play, especially as review.

GradeA tries to make learning math as easy and as fun as possible. In additional to all of these cool games that we offer, you might also like our free online math calculators - a fun way to calculate a lot of answers very quickly. But always remember, use them for good, not for math evil!


Math Games and Activities to Play at Home

Sudoku:  Play endless Sudoku puzzles for free.


Online Tools and Applets

Slope Slider:  A great visual representation that demonstrates the relationship between the slope and y-intercept of a line.

Know of other cool math gamesSubmit it to us!

GradeA offers plenty more than just free games:

Free fraction help Free algebra help Free geometry help
Free fraction worksheets Free algebra worksheets Free geometry worksheets




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