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Percentage calculator

Percentage change calculator

Square root calculator

Trig calculator

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Descriptions of the calculators

See the descriptions of GradeA's calculators below. Click any of the links to load the pages.

Triangle calculator: Solving triangles is a common problem in mathematics. Whether you are in geometry, algebra II, trigonometry, or beyond, you will face problems involving calculators often. Use this free calculator to check you work. All you have to do is enter any three values, sides or angles, and the calculator solves the other three for you. It's a great tool to quickly check your work - but make sure you are solving the problems on your own first!


Free online fraction calculator: The easiest way to simplify fractions! Simply enter the first fraction, select add, subtract, multiply, or divide, enter the second fraction and calculate! The program quickly calculates the results and displays the fraction - in reduced terms!

Fraction to decimal calculator: Want to know what the decimal equivalent of your fraction is? Simply type the numerator and denominator (top and bottom) of your fraction, click calculate and the decimal is shown. Quick and easy!

Decimal to fraction calculator: The exact opposite of the fraction to decimal calculator - simply enter a decimal and the calculator finds an equivalent fraction in its most simplest form!

Percentage calculator: Percents can be a little difficult sometimes. Use this tool to solve two types of percent problems: when you know the fraction or when you know the percent.

Percentage change calculator: What is the percentage change from 10 to 15? How about 15 to 10? Don't worry! The percentage change calculator easily tells you the percentage increase (positive number) or percentage decrease (negative number) in the click of a button. It's a great tool for a quick answer, or to check your work.

Square root calculator: Square roots are used frequently in all kinds of math classes. If you quickly need to find an answer, use our calculator. We also offer a cube root calculator in case you need to find a cube root. Or even use our n-th root calculator to find the n-th root of any number.

Trig calculator: Simply enter an angle (degrees or radians), click Calculate and the resulting value for each of the six trig functions appears!

Quadratic equation calculator: Enter your values for a, b, and c and the calculator takes care of the rest. It even simplifies the radical value and gives the answer in "pretty print." Check it out!


Additional information

Caution! Don't use these free online math calculators as a crutch - make sure you know how to solve the problems by hand first.

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Free geometry help

Free trigonometry help

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