Pre Algebra Math Problems

Need some help with a few pre algebra math problems?  The lessons available here will help you build a strong foundation.


We make every effort to make these lessens extremely easy to understand. We know what it is like to be in the early stages of your math career - trying to learn preAlgebra.

We incorporate as many visuals as possible to make it that much easier for you to understand. Enjoy!

If this is not what you are looking for, perhaps you want some free algebra help.

Available Lessons

Math Properties    
The math property of equality:  Make the change from equal sign as an answer, to equal sign as a means of balance.
More math properties: associative, commutative, distributive & more.
Basic Math Rules and Operations
Math integers: A simple definition, complete with examples. Also includes brief definitions of other number sets.
Math number line: Learn the definition, or print free blank number lines, integer number lines, decimal number lines, and fraction number lines.
Math order of operations: Learn PEMDAS and never forget it. A key skill for preAlgebra students.
Adding and Subtracting Positive & Negative Numbers:  Learn the skills and concepts required to add positive and negative numbers. 
Inequalities:  Learn what the symbols for inequalities really mean - and learn the tricks to remember which is which!
Exponents:  Learn what 34 really means.  Understanding this concept of math is very important for algebra.
Rules of Fractions:  Don't jump into higher mathematics until you have the basics down - these include fractions!
Math Times Table:  This table can come in handle if you are still memorizing your multiplication facts.
Perfect Squares: View GradeA's list of perfect squares, as well as an interesting explanation of why these numbers have this name!
Tips and Tricks to Help You
A list of math clue words to help you solve word problems
All the math signs:  An extensive math symbols list to help you better understand the language of mathematics.

Recommendations for Success

  • Obtain a graphing calculator and use it often.  However, use it as a tool for learning, not as a crutch to avoid arithmetic.
  • Work on problems in a quiet comfortable environment - not in front of the TV or in front of the computer.
  • Practice makes perfect. Take a look at GradeA's amazing free printable math worksheets!
  • When in doubt, contact GradeA for help!


Additional Information


Have you mastered all of these pre algebra math problems? It is time to move onto algebra class - take a look at GradeA's free algebra help page or return to the GradeA homepage for more free math help resources

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