All the Rules of Fractions

Do you know all the rules of fractions, even for difficult problems like this one:

Rules of fractions



GradeA can help you to solve even the most difficult fraction problems like the one we show here.

But before solving problems with fractions, make sure you are understanding fractions first. If you've had trouble in the past, don't worry, we explain fractions using money.


Free Fraction Lessons: All the Rules

Reduce Fractions
Learn how to reduce fractions to lowest terms. We explain what is meant by "equivalent fractions" and teach you a few easy steps to reduce fractions quickly and easily.

Add Fractions
Have you ever thought it was difficult to learn how to add fractions? We turn this lesson into a pizza party and show you how a few slices can make it really easy to add fractions. You can also use this page to subtract fractions as well

Multiply Fractions

You can learn how to multiply fractions easily...

Just remember this easy rhyme: fly to multiply.

Simply fly across the "tops" then fly across the "bottoms" to get the answer. And by fly, we simply mean multiply. Easy, right?

Remember: the top is called the numerator and the bottom is the denominator.

Divide Fractions

Once you know how to multiply fractions, you can lean how to divide fractions in the blink of an eye. Just remember this easy trick: copy, change, flip!

Once you follow those three easy steps, simply multiply the fractions together by flying acorss, and you have your answer.

Change Forms

Fractions can be expressed in several different ways: fractions, decimals, and percents.

As you can see, there are a lot of rules of fractions, but don't worry, we got you covered:



Free Fraction Resources


Even with all of these great lessons, learning all the rules of fractions can be still be difficult. One thing that might help is to allow the student to take an active and hands-on approach to learning fractions. We highly recommend you download our free fraction strips. They make fractions much more visual for the students.

You may also like our free fraction worksheets as a way to practice these skills. Or view other free printable math worksheets.

For more great free math help resources, visit the GradeA homepage.


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