Famous Women Mathematicians

This page is dedicates to some of the world's most famous women mathematicians. You may also be interested in GradeA's list of famous math people or famous black mathematicians.

Although many peoople are more familiar with some of their male counterparts, such as Einstein, Newton, and Fibonacci, the amazing contributions of these talented women mathematicians cannot be overlooked.

Our list provides a brief bio of eight of the most influential women in the field of mathematics. Of course, many others have made tremendous contributions as well - who knows you could be on our list someday!


Famous Women Mathematicians

Hypathia is known as the first truly famous women mathematician. She was introduced to the field by her father, who was also a mathematician. In addition to numbers, Hypathia also enjoyed Philosophy - and even taught it at the Platonist school of Alexandria. She was born sometime between 351-370 AD, and passed away 415 AD.

Maria Gaetana Agnesi
Maria is credited as the first person to write a book containing (and comparing) both integral and differential calculus. She is sometimes referred to as the next Hypathia because her contribution was so substations. She was born in Italy in 1718 and passed away in 1799.

Sophie Germain
Sophie was inspired by a book written by the famous mathematician Gaus. Unfortunately social biases at the time prevented her from reaching her true potential. Still, she made signifcany contributions to Fermat's Last Theorem and is considered a pioneer of the Elasticity Theory. She was born in 1776 and passed away in 1831

Ada Lovelace
Ada is often referred to as the World's First Computer Programmer! She was the first person to write an algorithm that was intended to be processed by a machine. Amazingly, this was done all the way back in 1842! Lovelace was born in 1815 and passed away in 1852, but clearly she made an incredible impact on future generations.

Sofia Kovalevskaya
Sofia is known to be the first Russia women to make major contributions to mathematics. Her largest contributions were in the fields of analysis and differential equations. She lived between 1850 and 1891.

Amalie Emmy Noether
Emmy, as she was often referred, is a German mathematician that is known for her gigantic contributions to the field of abstract algebra. In fact, she was so amazing that Einstein himself stated that she is the most important woman in the history of mathematics. She lived between 1882 and 1935.


Mary Fairfax Somerville
Mary Somerville made incredible contributions to mathematics and astronomy, despite having to overcome several negative influences. In fact, several schools, and even an island are named "Somerville" because of Mary. She lived a full life, from 1780 to 1872.

Charlotte Angas Scott
Charlotte was extremely influential in encouraging other women, particularly in the United States, to pursue advancement in mathematics. She served as professor at Bryn Mawr College, and also even served as Vice President of the American Mathematical Society. She lived from 1858 to 1931.


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