Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler was born to a pastor in the city of Basel, but spent most of his younger days in the town of Riehen.  Euler's interest in mathematics was sparked at an early age when he began spending much of his time with a family friend Johann Bernoulli, who was widely considered a brilliant mathematician.


Leonhard Euler

  Date of Birth:  4/15/1707 Date of Death:  9/18/1783
  Birthplace:  Basel, Switzerland

As an adult, Euler spent much of his time in St. Petersburg and Berlin. He is considered one of the most amazing mathematicians of all time. He has contributed any amazing amount to the field.


Euler's Incredible Contributions to Mathematics


Euler's name surfaces in regard to many mathematical fields ranging from algebra all the way up through calculus.  Euler was extremely influential in developing much of the vocabulary and notation that is now routinely used in the classroom.  For example, Euler was the first to use function notation. 

Function notationf(x) = x + 3 replaced y = x + 3.

This notation states that x is a function of f(x). A simple explanation of what this means can be taken from an analogy to a car.

Math - Input x, Output: f(x)

Car - Input: gas, Output: driving

He was also considered to be the first to use the Greek letter pi to represent the number 3.141592... like it is used today.

On a more advanced level, Euler is credited with pushing forward the use of a power series as a way to represent a number with an infinite sum.

Finally, Euler made substantial progress with number theory and is said to have paved the way for another famous math person, Carl Friedrish Gaus.


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