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This page is to help you find math clip art that is free to download and use. For your conveinence, we have searched the internet to find which sites offer the best images for you to use. By coming to GradeA you don't need to worry about searching sites and trying to avoid ads and expensive imagary. We've done the work for you!

Here is a sample from Phillip Martin:

math clip art sample    

External Websites Recommended by GradeA

GradeA recommends the following sites for math clipart:

  • Phillip Martin: He offers absolutely free art which is why we like it. The layout of the website is a little confusing and there are several ads throughout the site, but the links to the actual clips all work appropriately.
  • Discovery Education: The Discovery website offers 30 math related images that are free to download. The website is well laid out and the link above takes you a page with all 30 images.
  • Clipart ETC: Offers almost 10,000 math images, including geometric shapes, coordinate planes, and more. The only negative is all images are in black and white.
  • Ed Tech: A Powerpoint file of 128 slides containing math images. There are many geometry images, some of which also contain formulas.


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