Math Number Line

A math number line is simply a line with numbers placed in the proper positions. A line extends forever - so essentially every number line is the same - the only difference is the part of the number line you are viewing. Of course, the distance between each viewable number can change too.

Math Number Line


The most common type of number line is an integer number line. The one above shows the integers from -10 to 10, but you can create a number line with any values and at any intervals - they don't have to count by 1.

Other common types of number lines are fraction number lines and decimal number lines.

Instead of each tick mark representing an integer, it would represent a fraction or a decimal.

Did you know, that two number lines are what create the coordinate plane? It's true! The x-axis and y-axis are simply two number lines that both intersect at zero. That special point, (0,0) is known as the origin because it is the beginning point of the graph.


Printable Number Lines

Below are images of printable number lines. Click each image to open a printable pdf with several number lines per page.

Blank Number Line

blank number line

Integer Number Line

Integer number line

Fraction Number Line

Fraction number line

Decimal Number Line

Decimal number line

If you like these, then you can download all of our printable math number line in one document. Enjoy!




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