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Welcome to the bingo math game, Math-O! The game is easy to set up and can be an fun way to teach math. Students love this cool math game, so try it out!

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Use the template below to create as many free math-o games as you want!

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Materials you need

The materials that you need are simple. First, you need blank game cards. For your convenience, GradeA has them available to you for no charge. Second, you will need to create "the numbers" to fill in the game cards. The numbers can be definitions, vocabulary terms, answers to problems or a combination of all three. An example for a Geometry class that uses definitions is shown below.

This example focuses on an introductory unit in geometry. You can create similar cards by rearranging the terms in each box.

Tip: Identify 24 different terms and write them on the board - then have the students fill them in.


Rules for Playing Math-O

The teacher reads the problem or definition. If the student has the corresponding definition or answer, then he/she covers that piece of the board. Just like Bingo, whoever fills a row or column first wins. The nice part for the teachers is that the student can't cover his/her card without knowing the answer to the problem.


Download Free Blank Math-O Cards

Download free blank bingo math cards right here. An example is shown below:


Print or download free blank cards by clicking on the link or the image above. Print one for each student in your class and let them fill it in with your 24 key words or phrases.


Math-O is the perfect way to review math vocabulary terms and keep your students engaged.

Additional Resources

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Of course, we offer so much more than just games. Return to the homepage for countless free math help resources.


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