Math Jeopardy!

Students love to play Math Jeopardy because it really adds some fun and excitement to math class. Jeopardy is a great review game. Please download a blank template to create your own, or use our pre-made algebra example.

Math Jeopardy! free download  

Click the image above for our algebra review game, or read more details below


Free Jeopardy Downloads from GradeA

Blank Template.  Download a free powerpoint presentation that is pre-designed with an easy to use jeopardy navigation system.  All you need to do is supply the questions...and answers!

Algebra Review.  Download the same easy to use jeopardy presentation, now loaded with algebra questions, and answers.  Topics covered include solving equations, functions, algebra vocabulary, slope, and exploring the equation of a line.


Using the Downloaded Files

First, click on the links above and save the files somewhere on your computer.  Next, open the powerpoint presentation of your choice.

The first slide is set up to link to all of the questions.  View the slide show and you will notice that moving your mouse over each dollar amount will establish a link to that page - click to go there.  Once you are at any of the pages that have questions, 1 click will bring up the answer, so make sure you do not do that until it is time. 

Each page also has two logos in the bottom corners.  The GradeA logo will bring you back to the homepage of the site, but the Jeopardy! logo will take you to the first side.  That way you can go to a new question. 


The math jeopardy program should be pretty easy to use once you experiment a little bit. 

Other Cool Math Games

GradeA offers several other cool math games - and the best part, they are always absolutely free!

We recently updated our math bingo page to include a free bingo card generator. A great way to get your students engaged. Works great as a review game!  


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