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Quickly find a square root with GradeA's free square root calculator. You can also easily find a cube root, or any (n-th) root.


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Directions: How to use the calculator

First, determine what type of root you want to find. The top calculator is for solving square roots, the middle calculator is for solving cube roots, and the bottom calculator is for solving roots of any size. For square and cube roots, simply enter the number you want to evaluate, click Calculate and the results will show. If you want to evaluate a root of degree higher than three, then in the bottom calculate, simply replace "n" with the degree you want to evaluate. Then enter the value and click calculate the same way you would for the other two.


How the Calculator Works

For the square and cube roots, the calculator simply takes the value you input and uses the computers root algorithm to determine the answer.

The math behind roots:

Remember, a square root is in the inverse process of a square. Instead of taking a number and multiplying it by itself, a square root says "what number do I need to multiply by itself in order to find this number?"

Similarly, a cube root (3rd degree) finds a number that is multiplied by itself, and then by itself again in order to find the correct value.


Any degree above three would use a similar process. For example, finding the 5th root of a number would mean to find a number that needs multiplied together five times in order to find the original number.

Example: 3rd root of 27

This problem asks question "what number times itself 3 times equals 27?" Well, if you take 3 times 3 times 3, that equals 27. Therefore the cube (3rd) root of 27 equals 3. Obviously not all answer will be whole numbers, and thats the exact reason you need a square (or higher) root calculator to solve these types of problems!



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