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GradeA is delighted to be able to provide educators and students with free math help. Patrons visiting the GradeA website (http://www.gradeamathhelp.com) are welcome to print and/or download any of the free worksheets as long they comply with the following statements:

1. The worksheets will be used in the manner in which they were intended - for the promotion of mathematical education.

2. The heading and Grade A logo (shown below) will remain visible and unchanged on all worksheets used. The contents of the page may be altered as the user sees fit as long as the heading and logo remain exactly as they originally appear.

In order for GradeA to continue to provide these services free of charge, the above policies must be strictly adhered to. We thank you in advance for your complete cooperation.

Disclaimer: Purpose of the Site

The purpose of this web site (http://www.gradeamathhelp.com) is to promote mathematics education. All pages have been created with this purpose in mind. Any images or references that are contained within the text are used in good faith to help the readers understand math more easily.  Copyrighted and registered material (such as Disney's The Pirates of the Caribbean) are used only to enrich the mathematics to which they are associated. Any attempt to use such material for any unlawful purpose is strictly prohibited by GradeA. Please use your discretion appropriately in using the material on this web site.

If you object to the way that any of your images or copyrighted material are used in this site, please contact us with your objection and we will remove or alter the material as necessary.  

Please comply with our terms and conditions at all times.  Thank you.

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