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Need to evlauate a trig function? Do it quickly and easily with our Trig Calculator. You may also like our trigonometric table.


Note: this calculator requires the free Adobe Flasher Player 10 or higher to play.

Directions: How to use the calculator

Choose the radio button to indicate whether your angle is in Degrees of Radians. The default is set to Degrees.

Next, enter the value of the angle.

Finally, push Calculate to display the six trigonometric functions. Remember, for some angles certain functions cannot be defined. The calculator lists these as "Undefined."


How the Calculator Works

First, the trig calculator determines if you have selected degrees or radians so that it knows what type of angle it will be using.


Then, it takes the value of the angle that you entered and stores it in its memory. It then uses a built-in function for the sin, cos, and tan - similar to the buttons on your calculator. Essentially, the program stores all of the results from a giant trigonometric table and the looks up the corresponding value. Because there are no preset functions for the csc, sec, and cot, the calculator uses the reciprocal trigonometric identities. Finally, the calculator then makes the six trig functions appear with the resulting value.

This calculator is a great tool for homework problems and finding quick results of trig functions, but it can also help you to identify patterns within the functions. Try a bunch of different angles, even start at 1 degree and work your way up. You'll be amazed at what you can figure out.


Your next step is to memorize some of these angles! Now it would be impossible to memorize every angle - that's what the calculator is for - but you can memorize some common angles that you will use often in your math classes.

The best way to do this is through a Unit Circle. GradeA makes it easy by supplying a completed circle, and a blank one that you can practice filling in. Your teachers will be so impressed with you when you enter class knowing all of those trigonometric angles!


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