Math Times Table

Make life easy with this conveinent math times table. Feel free to use the posted online version, or print the full-scale .pdf version.

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How to Use the Table

To find a multiplication fact, first pick two numbers: one across the top row, and one in the first column. Move across the row, and then up the column to the number where they meet. Whatever number you land on, that's what the answer to your multiplication problem will be.

Tip: You should be starting with the numbers in the red boxes.

Example: Pick the 3 on the left side, and the 4 across the top.

Travel to the right from the 3, and down from the 4 until you meet at 12. This means that 3 x 4 = 12.

Of course, it also means that 4 x 3 = 12 because multiplication has an associative property.


GradeA Math Times Table

Download a full-page .pdf of the math times table shown above.


Although this tool can be useful, never forget the importance of mental math. Don't rely too heavily on this table, or a calculator for that matter.

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