How to Multiply Fractions

Sometimes a little trick can help you remember one of the rules. When you want to multiply fractions, remember this little rhyme...


We've already learned that every fraction has a numerator and denominator, or a top and bottom. Look at the example below to see how we fly across the top, and then fly across the bottom.



  • The top: We multiplied

  • The bottom: We multiplied


*** IMPORTANT: Please remember that when you are multiplying fractions, you do NOT need a common denominator. The rhyme "fly when you multiply" should also help you to remember that multiplying fractions is quick & easy compared to adding and subtracting fractions.

Multiplying Multiple Fractions at Once

Just as you did with two fractions, you can fly across the top and across the bottom when multiplying many fractions together.

. . .  

Again, all we did was multiply all of the "top's" together to get a new top; and then we multiplied all the "bottom's" together to get a new bottom. Don't forget to reduce!!

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning how to multiply is probably easier for you than most of the other skills: Just remember our quick little rhyme, "fly when you multiply." If you want some practice to make sure that you got it, take a look at our free fraction worksheets.

Do you now know how to multiply fractions? Don't forget to look at the other rules of fractions, or get more great math help at the Grade A homepage.



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