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Percents can be a little confusing - use this percentage calculator to quickly find answers to all your percentage problems.

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Need help with percentage change? Use our percentage change calculator to quickly find the percentage increase or the percentage decrease of two numbers.

Directions: There are two types of problems to solve with the calculator.

Top: You want to know what a percent of a number equals. Enter the percent (be sure to delete the "%" symbol, and then enter the value and click Calculate. To solve a new problem, click Clear All.

Bottom: You want to know what percent two numbers are of each other. Enter the two numbers, then click Calculate. To solve a new problem, click Clear All.


How the calculator works

Top: First, the calculator takes the percent that you entered and converts it to a decimal by dividing by 100. Remember, always convert percents to decimals before performing an arithmetic operations. Next, it multiplies the decimal with the other number you entered and shows the result.

Bottom: The calculator divides the first number you input by the second number you input, and then multiplies by 100. It needs to multiply the number by 100 to convert the decimal into a percent. It shows the result in the final box.

Remember, its important to only use calculators to check your work, or to find easy answers once you already know how to solve them. Never rely on calculators too much!



Additional information

GradeA also offers a free percent change calculator: simply enter two numbers and the calculator tells you the percent change from the first to the second.

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