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Find the percent increase or decrease with GradeA's percent change calculator.

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Not quite what you are looking for? Try our percentage calculator to solve any type of percentage problem.

Directions: How to use the calculator

Enter the starting value of your problem in the first input box, and then enter then ending value in the second input box. Push Calculate to determine the percent change of those two numbers. If the number is positive, then the percent change is an increase; if the number is negative then you have indicated a percent decrease.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator takes the second number that you input and then subtracts the first number you input. Next, it divides that value by the first number and then multiplies it by 100. Again, you need to mutiply it by 100 in order to make it percent - changing a decimal to a percent is done by multiplying by 100.

Remember, an important concept to understand is that the calculator is determining the percent change. Change means how much has the number increased or decreased from the original - adding the word change means relative to the original number.

Example: 10 to 15

Take the second number 15 and subtract 10 to get 5. Then take 5 and divide by the first number 10. 5 divided by 10 gives you .5 - multiplying by 100 gives you 50 for a 50% percent increase.


Additional Information

Understanding percentages is similar to understanding fractions. A percent simply means "out of 100." That's why 10% is the same as 10/100, or as a reduced fraction 1/10. For more information, take a look at the following pages:

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