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Use GradeA's fraction to decimal calculator to quickly and easily find the decimal equivalent of any fraction.

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Directions: enter the numerator and denominator of your fraction below, then click Calculate to find the resulting decimal

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How the Calculator Works

The description below explains the math behind the calculator - cool stuff!


This tool is a great resource for homework checking or assistance, but it is important to understand how the calculator works. Afterall, you may not have access to a calculator during a quiz or exam. Don't worry,the concept is really not difficult. As long as you understand division, you will understand the inner-workings of this online application.

The fraction to decimal calculator takes the top number (numerator) that you input and divides it by the bottom number (denominator) that you enter and then shows the resulting decimal.

The calculator automatically rounds the result to three decimal places. Be sure to follow directions on your homework, as your teacher may require a different number of decimal places so you may have to do some rounding on your own.

If you have a calculator handy, you can perform the same function by entering the top, pushing the divide button, and then entering the bottom number. You see, a fraction is the same as division - in both cases the result gives you a decimal. Unless, of course, the result is a whole number.

Additional information

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