How to Divide Fractions

If you know how to "fly when you multiply" then you will have no problem learning how to divide fractions, since all we are going to do is turn that division problem into a multiplication problem. Not sure how to go about that? Not to worry. We have outlined the whole simple process below (and we promise it is simple.)

Turn Problems from Division into Multiplication

There are three easy steps to transform a division problem into a multiplication problem. All we need to remember is COPY - CHANGE - FLIP, or as we like to call it at GradeA, the CCF.

  • COPY the first fraction exactly how it is.
  • CHANGE the division sign to a multiplication sign. becomes
  • FLIP the second fraction. The top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top.

It really is that easy! Once we've done the CCF, we can multiply the new problem using the "fly when you multiply" technique (click the link if you need a refresher on multiplying fractions and the use of the technique.) That means that our answer in this problem would be

which will of course reduce to . Most teachers will want you to reduce your fractions to the lowest term possible. So in order for you to get full credit, make sure you always check your answer to see if it could be reduced further so you don't lose any points. You worked hard for those points--make sure you get them all!


  Do you now see how to divide fractions? One helpful hint is to remember that when you are multiplying and dividing fractions you do NOT need a common denominator like you do when you add and subtract fractions. You can discover other helpful tips by visiting the other rules of fractions page or return to the Grade A homepage for more great math help.

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